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For Derbyshire County Council Childrens Managers only

This policy sets out the Councils commitment to employee performance management. This is a key component of the broader organisational performance management process, and a key factor in enabling the Council to make best use of resources, achieve its objectives and deliver high quality services to our customers.The overriding aim of performance management is to achieve continuous improvement within a supportive framework.
Employees Schools Other UsersThis module will instruct you on how to formulate a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) for those who may not be able to get themselves out of a building in an emergency. You will learn who is responsible for constructing the plans and how they should be written.Original content provided by Braintree District Council
Employees Schools Other Users

This module is suitable for managers and employees to make them aware of personal safety issues relating to their work and travel.  The module gives a comprehensive understanding of personal safety issues at work with good examples of responsibilities, legal obligations, recognising if there may be a problem and ways to reduce the risk.


Personal Safety

Generic Health and Safety related training available for both managers and employees.

Raise awareness of potentially threatening personal safety situations and provide participants with an understanding of how to avoid or handle confrontational situations

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Prevent (Counter Terrorism)

This eLearning course covers your statutory Prevent duty - to prevent people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism in all its forms. It includes how to spot the signs that someone may be being radicalised and how to share your concerns.

 This is an Elearning course.

 This course should take around 60 minutes.

For more information, please contact

If you would prefer a classroom course - please search for 'Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)'. You can sign up online to book your place.

Other Users

Find out some progression routes for many of the subjects we deliver.


To increase participants confidence, knowledge and skills regarding effective record keeping.  To identify the key principles of effective documentation and record keeping in relation to your role

 Explain the importance of recording

  • Demonstrate an understanding of accurate recording
  • Explain the importance of record keeping for children and young people
  • Understand how record keeping supports work with children and young people
  • Demonstrate understanding of the legal framework for record keeping
  • Demonstrate awareness of local guidance, policies and procedures related to record keeping
  • Consider the differences between fact and opinion
  • Develop good practice in recording with reference to the principles of plain language
  • Reflect on current practice in recording skills


For Derbyshire County Council Childrens Managers only.

The purpose of this procedure is to set out the councils approach to ensuring it is effectively resourced to meet service delivery needs.
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Designed for apprentices and study programme learners. Works best from a computer or tablet.

Expect to spend about an hour on this module.


Ride on Roller assessment

This course is for those who are required to operate a ride on roller as part of their work,

The assessment will be carried out by a HCTA accredited assessor and on successful completion the candidate will be registered with the Equipment operators Registration Scheme (EORS) and receive a registration card.

 Test course - Property
EmployeesTest course for Property.

Serious Case Review Conference


To increase participants knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to deliver effective sex and relationships education to individual young people or small groups

  • Demonstrate practical skills, strategies and methods to use with young people to deliver effective SRE (sex and relationships education)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of sexual orientation
  • Identify what we mean by friendships, relationships and intimacy and SRE (sex and relationships education)
  • Evaluate sexual health resources to use with young people
  • Identify the most common STI’s affecting young people

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Smoking Awareness

This module is suitable for anyone who smokes or anyone who is thinking of quitting smoking.  The module looks at the health effects of smoking, why people smoke and the benefits of quitting.  The module also offers support and advice to help people kick the habit.

This is an Elearning course.

This course should take around 15 to 20 minutes.


This module is suitable for managers and employees.  The module is designed to give an overview of stress awareness at work, explains what is stress, how it is expressed both physically and psychologically and it explores various coping strategies.


This module should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Employees Schools Other UsersSubstance Misuse and Community Safety 

This free half day course will increase knowledge of 'Substance Misuse' and its links to risk, vulnerability and crime and disorder issues within Derbyshire.

It covers what substance misuse is, how it impacts on individuals and communities, signs and indicators to look out for and how to get advice and support. 

Please note: This course is not a basic 'drugs or alcohol awareness' course. If you want to learn more about drug types and their effects, visit Talk to Frank  for information or Alcohol Advice Training for courses in Derbyshire.

This course is open to anyone from any agency in Derbyshire wishing to learn more about substance misuse in a community safety setting, related impacts and vulnerabilities and how to refer in to local services.

For more information, please contact

Employees Schools Other UsersLearning Course for Sue Wood
Employees Schools Other UsersTraining for DLO users Test training course 16/10/2019
Employees Schools Other Users

Tackling climate change is one of the major challenges for the 21st Century. Derbyshire County Council has a clear vision for cutting carbon emissions and preparing our County for the effects of climate change. We cannot do it alone, every organisation and individual in our County can contribute by reducing their impacts.

Target Audience: 

All those who require an introduction to Sustainability and Climate Change and how this affects their role at work.


Prerequisite - Please bring with you a basic genogram of a current case in which there are elements of self-harm, anxiety or other mental health symptoms. You will need knowledge of the current concerns for the young person’s emotional well-being. Basic knowledge of systemic practice is desirable but not essential.

There are also two handout you will need to bring with you these can be found on the course page once you enrol onto the training. 


  • To use systemic & narrative approaches to explore what work might be helpful with young people and their families open to social care with mental health needs which are not being currently met by CAMHS
  • Help workers to feel more equipped and confident in how to assess and work with families to prevent re-referrals to Social Care and to make meaningful referrals to appropriate services.
  • Provides a space for reflection on anxiety and self-harm issues
For more information please contact 


To increase participants confidence, knowledge and skills when working with young people who are accessing sexually offensive imagery

  • Understand what is meant by pornography/sexually offensive imagery
  • Explore your own attitudes and values

  • Understand the law in relation to young people and pornography

  • Examine the impact of pornography on young people

  • Explore activities and resources available to help discuss pornography with young people

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Resources and information about the DACAES TaMPADA Project: Tracking and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Adult Education for Disadvantaged Learners



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EmployeesTest 24 checking view and guest access.
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Everything you need to know about Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service - this course is under development

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