• Courses are a central component of your LMS. They are typically made up of a number of activities and are designed to enhance your learning and knowledge. They are not necessarily intended to replace classroom based learning and other coaching that may be available to you from your manager and colleagues.

    A course can be single entity, such as ‘Introduction to Derbyshire’, that you may only complete once.

    Courses can also be grouped together into a ‘Program’ to aid personal or professional development. For example, a ‘Management Program’ may contain courses on Business Skills, Presentation Skills and Line Management.

    When courses or Programs have to be completed on a regular basis, they are known as ‘Certifications’. For instance, in order to remain a recognised First Aider an employee may have to complete the ‘First Aid’ course every year. When you are due to complete the course again you will receive an automatic reminder to do so.

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