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    How do I access/log on to the Learning Management System (LMS)?

    In order to access your LMS, you need to enter your Username and Password which has been provided. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will immediately be asked to change your password to something more memorable.

    If you have forgotten your username or password, please click here to access the self-service link on the Login screen which will guide you through the process of resetting.

    If you have not received a first time log in password, please contact, who will issue you with one.

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      What is the LMS?

      The Learning Management System (LMS) is made up of eLearning courses and other resources that are designed to enhance your professional development.

      Within DCC the LMS purpose is to provide you with access to a range of on-line courses and other learning resources for you to complete and revisit as required to refresh your learning.

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        What are Courses and where can I see them?

        Courses are a central component of your LMS. They are typically made up of a number of activities and are designed to enhance your learning and knowledge. They are not necessarily intended to replace classroom based learning and other coaching that may be available to you from your manager and colleagues.

        A course can be single entity, such as ‘Introduction to Derbyshire’, that you may only complete once.

        Courses can also be grouped together into a ‘Program’ to aid personal or professional development. For example, a ‘Management Program’ may contain courses on Business Skills, Presentation Skills and Line Management.

        When courses or Programs have to be completed on a regular basis, they are known as ‘Certifications’. For instance, in order to remain a recognised First Aider an employee may have to complete the ‘First Aid’ course every year. When you are due to complete the course again you will receive an automatic reminder to do so.

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          How can I enrol on Courses?

          Firstly, you should discuss the courses that will most benefit your personal development and those that meet your performance management objectives with your line manager. Course details are available within the course summary and you should enrol on to the course when you are happy that the course is right for you.

          Sometimes you be automatically enrolled onto courses based on your ‘job role’ or where in the ‘organisation’ you work. For example, Care Assistants may be enrolled onto a ‘Manual Lifting’ course, or everyone in a Finance Department onto a ‘Fraud Prevention’ course.

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            How can I Complete Courses?

            When you have identified a course, and been enrolled or approved to go on the course, then you are ready to take and complete the course activities. On accessing the course, you will be instructed to attempt the required activities within the course to ensure completion.

            There are many different types of activities available to creators of the course including eLearning modules, quizzes, evaluations etc. You should work your way through the course at your own pace, noting that you can return to the course later (if required), without losing any of the work you have completed to date.

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              Will anyone else see my results or details?

              No. Where there is a requirement for you to complete a quiz or test, the result cannot be accessed by others. However, a management report may be produced at a later date to identify test results.

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                Can I access the LMS from home?

                Yes, the LMS can be accessed from home. However, you should always agree with your Line Manager which courses and when/how they should be completed.

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                  Can I access the LMS from different devices?

                  Yes, the LMS can be accessed from multiple devices including a large range of both Android and iOS Tablet and Phone based devices. All new courses are designed to be responsive to the device from which you are accessing so the experience should always be good.

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                    What is Seminar?

                    Seminar is the name given to the feature that manages classroom based activities. Seminar gives users full control of their face to face training as well as reducing the administration around organising classroom events.

                    Seminar supports you (and your manager) to manage your own bookings, ensuring you have the appropriate level of information and knowledge before you enter the classroom. This allows you to benefit from a more focused workshop.